About Me

There are a few things in life that are important to me:


My love for photography started early on in life - it was a fun thing for me to do and I loved getting the prints back in the post or from the counter at Boots never knowing exactly what I would get back! When I was older I could be found photographing friends weddings and then in 2009 I took the leap and started 'Ian Fry Photography'.


I love spending time with my family. My wife and my our two kids are so precious. Time goes by too quickly and our children are growing up too quickly. Every moment is special when I have the time to spend with them. You won't find me at wedding fairs as I'm too busy watching these two yummy scrummy children become even more amazing.


I believe in a God who took pleasure in designing a world that is so stupendously stunning and full of great intelligent design! I believe he made the very concept of love and takes immense joy in seeing two people commit to care and love each to the moon and back.

Ian Fry & Family



Chloe & Rebecca

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"Ian is an amazing, genuine and kind character. He made sure to take mine and my wife’s wishes into account at every moment of our big day and nothing was too much hassle, even when we were messaging him at ungodly hours of the night on the days leading up. He has a great professional manner, is happy to answer any and all questions but can also have a good laugh with you, which happened on a few occasions where my wife decided to go climbing on rocks along the beach for some impromptu shots!"

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