Let me get to know YOU.

Here's the thing. The thing is, you CAN book a wedding photographer (like me!) and have them show up at your wedding and take your photographs without meeting them first. You can do that, absolutely no problem. But again, here's the thing... the thing is they won't know much about you, what makes you tick and what you like (or what you are like as a couple).

Here's the other thing. I like meeting people. There, I've said it. When I meet couples before they book or even after they've booked, we get to know each other. This is a really important thing because who knows if you click as people together. You are with your photographer for the majority of the day and it's their job to capture all that's going on (so they are going to be nearby a lot of the time). It's best to make sure I tick all your boxes and similarly to make sure you tick mine (I've never met a couple who I don't like!). Once we've got to know each other you'll feel a whole lot more at ease on your big day (stranger no more!). Chatting through your wedding plans gives me a flavour of your day (no two weddings are the same) and also gives me a heads up on what to expect and any interesting moments I need to look out for.

So, if you're thinking of booking me, firstly check to see whether I am available on your date. Secondly, arrange to meet up with me at a place and time that you're happy with - the likelihood is I can fit you in (it has not been a busy year!). We can meet at a cafe for coffee, or I can meet you at your home. We can chat, talk through your day and I can show you some of my albums (they are amazing if I do say so myself!). If we click and you like my work then please go ahead and book - It'll give me warm fuzzy feelings!

There you have it, I like meeting people.

I also like coffee,

and people watching,

and white chocolate,

also cats,

and writing lists.

If you haven't been put off yet, do get in touch!

*Sometimes meeting up can be a bit hard if you're not in the area. Skype / Zoom or an old fashioned telephone call does a similar job.