Sometimes, nothing beats going outside and getting some fresh air. The kids need it, we need it and where better than in beautiful North Devon? I absolutely LOVE to photograph family adventures out in the open. Whether that's going to the woods and letting the kids do some tree climbing, scrambling over rocks on the beach or doing a bit of rock pooling. I can photograph your family in a fun, no pressure environment, not in a studio where you have to be on your best behaviour!

Let your kids pull faces, let them jump in puddles and let them climb!

A family photo shoot can be at a location of your choice and it will take roughly an hour, although it may take longer if more walking and adventuring is involved. At the end of it you'll have a great selection of photographs you can download, get printed and displayed on your walls and share with your wider family.

The Cost

For £295 you'll get me (with my cameras) at a location of your choice in North Devon, for about an hour and photographs from the shoot provided in a password protected gallery, for you to download (for free) or purchase prints from. You'll also get a £50 complimentary gift voucher to purchase prints from the gallery.


“Our family photos are great! Ian helped us feel relaxed so adults and children could enjoy the photography session and come out with some amazing photos.”

“Fabulous photoshoot of me and my extended family when we were having a holiday in North Devon. The photos have come back bright, colourful and fun. I love them. Thank you.”

Interested in having some fun?

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Oh, and you may have noticed there aren't any faces on this page - this is to keep the privacy wishes of those photographed. If you'd like to see some of my other work, have a look at my wedding portfolio page!