A Day to remember

On your wedding day, you are the centre of attention. There's no two ways about it, if you have friends and family joining you, they will be showing up for YOU... and also a good meal and a catch up! So it's difficult if you're a little bit introverted and find it hard being around lots of people. You're in at the deep end, immersed in a sea of people, all wanting their photo with you. Some people love it, some people find it hard!

Claire and Matt are two wonderful human beings who freely admit that they don't always find it easy being the centre of attention. This did not deter them from organising a beautiful wedding day at Sandy Cove Hotel in sunny North Devon.

The pair found each other after being set up on a blind date, and as they say, the rest is history. They planned for a September 2022 wedding, hedging their bets on a sunny late summer's day. Sandy Cove Hotel does lend itself well to sunny days. I've been to the hotel on bad weather days, and it's still a spectacular view over the bay with Little Hangman in the distance but I've also been on plenty of gorgeous sunny days with bluey green colours glistening in the background. The weather on their day did not disappoint.

Perfect blue sky at Sandy Cove Hotel

So, with the weather dial set to blue sky and all their friends and family in attendance, there was nothing else left to do but get married. Their ceremony was set down by the wooden gazebo with the sea in the background and everyone gathered round. Claire and Matt said their vows under the gazebo which was beautifully adorned with blue hydrangea and cream coloured roses supplied by Fine Floral Design in Torrington. After the ceremony there was plenty of confetti thrown, big smiles all round and the talented Chloe Marie Aston playing the piano in the background. Perfect!

It was now time for group photos. This is the time of a wedding day which most people dread, fearing hours spent smiling and jaws aching. My aim at this part of the day is to be as organised as possible so that it doesn't take long and couples are not left waiting for the right people to show up. I always ask that there is someone there who can round people up and have people there for the next group photo. This didn't take long for Claire and Matt and they now have a good record of who was there celebrating with them - a good reason to not skip this part of the day.

The rest of the day was full of good food, fun, speeches, music, dancing and a sensible amount of photo boothing! The beauty of a day like theirs is that while everyone is enjoying the view, the chats and the food, I can be stood to one side of the room capturing the smiles, the laughs and the fun of the day without anyone noticing. The majority of photographs are candid, natural and un-posed, showing Claire and Matt's day for what it was,... a beautiful day to remember.

I asked Claire and Matt about their day, this is what they had to say.

What did you love most about your day?

We had the most magical amazing day. The weather had been particularly rough all week but the sun shone from start to end. Ian made us all feel at ease and comfortable , we were able to call upon him whenever we wanted a snap. There was no need to stress over getting photos as Ian was there to capture every last moment. Our ceremony was beautiful with everything slotting in well, from the music to the layout by the wedding venue. All guests were amazed by the gorgeous venue and how everything was displayed. Me and my husband had plenty of time to take in the day and scenery and of course each other with Ian taking us off for a private photo shoot or two.

What was the hardest part of the day?

Being the centre of attention and in the limelight as well as not being in control with decorating and preparations on the day.

What advice do you have for other couples planning their wedding?

Your wedding day will go by quick as a flash enjoy every second of it. Ensure you have moments of the day together just the two of you. Ian made this possible and so special. The stress and worries will all disappear when you get to the alter. I am a perfectionist and pride myself in planning events and special times so found giving control to the hotel especially difficult but everything was perfect and allowed me time to sit back and enjoy our magical day.

Here's a small gallery of their day

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