Wedding Day Fun Ideas

Filling Dead time?

Sometimes there are moments in your wedding day when you'll be quite busy but your guests won't be. While chit chat will go a long way (and after the year we've had families will be enjoying the catch up), there is still room for a bit of entertainment and fun rather than your great aunty recalling that same story again and again. Here's my top ten super fun ideas for your big day...

10 - Mini Golf

Who doesn't like mini golf? While you can't recreate exactly the grand style of this seaside sport, you can hire in a company who will set up a small mini golf course for you and your guests to enjoy at their leisure. Check out local company Mini Golf 2U or Windmill Games for some mini golf fun!

9 - Brass Band

Why have a typical band when you can have a brass band? Nothing says summertime and fun more than a brass band playing all your favourite tunes. Bonus points if they can play 'Gotta get thru this' just like Hyde Park Brass do!

8 - Bouncy Castle

Posh white wedding bouncy castles are a bit of a thing and I can imagine how much cleaning they take! Alternatively if you don't need or want a white one then go for a regular standard one big enough to let the adults have a go too. Just make sure the lads are careful of when granny gets on and has a go! Take a look at South West Bouncy Castles - they have so much to choose from including a white wedding castle!

Devon Wedding Bouncy Castle

7 - Magician

I just pulled this idea out of an empty hat! Impress and amuse your guests with a real live magician at your wedding. Keep them entertained while the group photos are happening or during the meal at their tables while they eat (or are waiting to eat), just don't blame me if they make your meal disappear! Take a look at Magic Martin (pictured below) for family friendly magic and entertainment.

Magician Devon Wedding

6 - Garden Games

If it's a nice day and you have a good garden or field area then garden games are a must! Think giant Jenga, snakes and ladders or pick up sticks. Or buy a load of space hoppers and watch the adults race around on them! There are specialist companies who will bring a whole load of fun games to your venue, why not take a look at Windmill Wedding Games located in North Devon?

5 - piñata

Alcohol + adults with whacking sticks = an interesting time! Stand back for this one it's going to get messy! But who doesn't want to whack a piñata and have sweets raining down on you? This one definitely isn't just for kids, although please let them have a go too!

4 - Photo Booth

I couldn't have a list of entertainment without a photo booth on the list! Fun for all ages from little ones to grannies - everyone say CHEESE! Check out The Bubble Booth to see what all the fuss is about, and remember if you'd like to add it to your wedding photography package with me, it's only £300!

Photo Booth fun in Devon

3 - Alpacas

Yes, funnily enough Alpacas are a bit of a trend in weddings! They come to your wedding and can be dressed up for the occasion. Guests absolutely love them and enjoy having selfies taken with them - who wouldn't? Take a look at Woolley Animals for more information.

Alpaca Wedding Devon - Woolley Animals

2 - Ice Cream Van

In my opinion there is nothing better on a warm summers day than a cooling ice cream. There are many vans available in the North Devon area who can bring some sweet treats to your wedding. My preference would be a small tub of ice cream with clotted cream and a flake... mmm bliss! Take a look at Hockings or Tennacott Farm websites for inspiration.

Ice Cream Van Devon

1 - Family Games

Do you have eccentric uncle who just loves weird family games? Why not let him be the host of a games time at your wedding? Maybe he could recreate some classic family game shows like Play Your Cards Right, Family Fortunes or The Generation Game? It could be one of the highlights of your wedding or at least something very memorable for right or wrong reasons! Go on, I dare you to give him the reigns!

Family Wedding Games Devon

Has this given you some food for thought? I hope it has given you some ideas and maybe pointed you in the right direction for some amazing suppliers. If you'd like me to photograph all the amazing things you have included in your big day, please get in touch, I'd LOVE to hear from you!