Being in lockdown isn't getting any easier for anybody. If you're a couple and need some ideas on what to do one evening for a covid friendly date night then take a look below at some of my crazy ideas you can do together without getting in trouble.

10 . Scrabble

You can't beat a good game of scrabble on a cold evening. In order to have a harmonious game, ensure you both stick to a previously agreed set of rules - particularly in relation to using a dictionary! Get some drinks together, snacks at the ready and the fire going (if you have a fire, please don't just light one in your living room) - you are in for a wild night of Scrabble!

9 . Go to the cinema

Okay, so you can't ACTUALLY go to the cinema at the moment, given lockdown restrictions. BUT you can get some popcorn, sift through Netflix together and decide on a nice slushy romantic film to watch together. Or you could watch Die Hard! Choices choices.

8 . Star GAZING walk

Wrap up warm for this one and make sure it is your exercise for the day. Before you go out make sure you put on a lot of layers (it's cold at the moment) and also prepare a thermos of hot chocolate to share. If it's a good night you'll be able to see all the stars (given you walk somewhere dark). Be sure to walk somewhere safe - it's dark and we have overstretched emergency services! Things to talk about on your walk: Wedding planning, how many children you want (!), what you're going to do when you're old and retired.

7 . Have a winter bBQ

Are barbeques just restricted to the summer? I don't think so! Make sure you wrap up warm, have adequate lighting and most importantly, charcoal. Impress your other half with your amazing food preparation and cooking skills. Eat inside or under the stars - it's up to you.

6 . Go dancing

Annoy your neighbours for a bit and recreate a nightclub / ballroom and dance the night away. If you're not the clubbing type then find some dance instruction videos to watch and learn together (if you're planning a wedding, this could be your first dance!). WARNING: Move the coffee table and anything else that could cause you to fall over.

5 . POSH Take-Away

Support your local economy and get a take-away. Here's the twist though... Get dressed up in your best clothes, stick some candles on the table and put some music on... now you're at a fancy restaurant! Talking points while you're eating: What three things do you like about each other, or, if you were Prime Minister for one day, what would you change first?

4 . home photo booth

Make your own photo booth at home (or take silly selfies together). If you're feeling flush with cash, buy some silly props from eBay to get dressed up and start pulling some serious face moves together. Bonus points for awkward kissing photos!

3 . LOOK bAck

We take photos all the time, but when was the last time you looked back through them? Get some food and get some drinks and cast some photos on the TV or if you're married get the wedding album out and reminisce together.

2 . Cook Together

How many of us actually cook together? Sometimes life is so busy that we forget that cooking together CAN be fun. Have some drinks, put some music on and if there's a moment while things are simmering away, have a little dance.

1 . Chocolate Night

Who doesn't like chocolate? We're talking chocolate fondue, with chocolate and other things to dip into the molten chocolate (but mostly chocolate). Followed by chocolate trifle and hot chocolate with an after eight. Nobody will sleep after this amount of sugar.