Made for each other

Sometimes you meet a couple and they just make complete sense. Sometimes they are made for each other in a way you can't easily describe - two beautiful souls embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.

Grace and Josh are two very kind hearted people who have known each other for a long time through their church and friendship groups, but it wasn't until autumn in 2020 that love started to blossom for them. Fast forward to June of 2022 and their hard work and wedding planning had culminated in a beautiful wedding service and day in Cullompton.

The weather on the day was a bit of a mixed bag and a road closure nearby caused problems for guests to get to the church but everything came together for them in the end - even sun shining for group photos, perfectly timed. Sometimes things come together so beautifully. Prior to this during the church service there was an almighty downpour outside, so heavy that they had to put out buckets in the church to collect the drips coming through the roof in multiple locations - perhaps a church roof funds campaign is underway?!

The wedding reception was held in the church community hall, a stones throw away - ideal for everyone attending and no need to travel anywhere else. The hall was decorated beautifully with a subtle Disney theme and plenty of bunting, but best of all it was full of their friends and family ready to celebrate with them!

I asked Grace and Josh a few questions about their day - read on to find out what they had to say below.

What did you love about your day?

We loved so much from our day, it’s hard to pick a favourite moment! But we both especially loved our evening reception. Our band, the Blushing Ushers brought the dance floor to life and the photo booth was so much fun- our guests loved it!

What was the hardest part of your wedding day?

The hardest part for us was giving over control to people who were helping to make our day happen. You spend a long time planning your wedding day so it’s natural to want everything to happen as it should, but you need to let your bridal party take over so you and your spouse can fully enjoy the day- worry free!

Do you have any advice for couples preparing for their wedding?

On the day, make sure to take time to be alone together. Wedding days can be really busy with lots of people wanting to talk to you, so it’s lovely to have the time with your husband or wife to just breathe, take in and enjoy the moment and think ‘this is our wedding day…we did it!’ As for the planning stages- try to enjoy every moment. Wedding planning can definitely be overwhelming and stressful but everything always comes together on the day. Ask people around you to help with little jobs- people love to help! And in those times when you feel stressed, put down the wedmin, spend time with your fiancé and remember this day is to celebrate your love and life together…it will all fall into place!

A small selection of photos from the day

Suppliers from the day