Wooftastic Photo Shoots For Dogs

I'm used to weddings, I'll be honest, herding people I can do - when it comes to group photographs at weddings and arranging people, I can do that. But working with dogs? I didn't really know.

Lucy contacted me a couple of weeks ago to arrange a photo shoot for her 8 month old dog Barney. We arranged to go to a field where Barney was comfortable in his surroundings - a place he is normally walked on a regular basis. When we arrived I said a socially distant hello to his owners and a not as distant hello to him.

After getting my cameras out, on and ready we proceeded to take photos and a have a bit of fun! This involved some posed photos with a small wireless flash system set up in the field and then some action shots of ball chasing, catching and a little bit of exploring. Overall the time taken was about an hour and a small selection of the best photographs were provided in a password protected online gallery for the humans to download and share.

I really enjoyed the photo shoot, it's good to do something new and different and in a relaxed informal way. There was no pressure for Barney to pose too much and we had a lot of fun!

“Ian was great and so good with Barney! We could see he has such a passion for photography and his work it's just awesome, so detailed and he really captures the moments naturally. Highly recommend him, nothing is ever too much and he's patient and relaxed! We will definitely be having him again in the future!”

What next?

I'm able to offer 'Me & My Dog Photo Shoots' to anyone locally within the North Devon area for a very special price which you can find on the dedicated page. If you want to have your own photo shoot, please use the contact form on the page to get in touch! Below is a selection of my favourites from two photo shoots.

Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 1
Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 2
Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 3
Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 4
Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 5
Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 6
Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 7
Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 8
Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 9
Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 10
Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 11
Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 12
Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 13
Me & My Dog Photo Shoots 14