Starting here.

Oh, it's been such a long time since I ran a photography blog! You'll need to forgive me as I'm not the most eloquent writer so you'll come across so many grammatical errors and ramblings. I aim to cover various things in this blog, whether it's weddings I've photographed, behind the scenes bits, thoughts about how to plan your wedding day or other bits - it'll all hopefully be useful or enlightening!

A little about me.

I was born in 1984 (work out my age if you will) and spent my years growing up living on a farm in the wonderful countryside near Muddiford. After school I worked in London (where I met my gorgeous wife) for four years before returning back to the area. My business started after working for Mike Southon in Barnstaple - he had a studio in Newport and also had a contract with a local newspaper to photograph events and news stories. It was a good time to learn!

Steph and I got married back in 2009 which doesn't feel that long ago but when you see what we've achieved in that time frame, we've done a lot! We now have two beautiful children who drain our daily energy reserves, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Things I love.

I love sunsets down in Westward Ho!, a good coffee, caramel shortbread (together with the coffee), a good film and spending time with my family.

Things I don't like.

I particularly don't like being late, things being left where they shouldn't be and cats 'visiting' the vegetable planter in our garden!

I'm looking forward to writing again!

Fry Family 2
Fry Family 3

Photographs by Rosie Parsons Photography