Sometimes you need to know that the grass is green and the sky is blue.

I love being creative. I'll freely admit I'm not a crafter, painter, wordsmith or song writer. I'm not good with words and I'm a slow thinker. That being said, I am good with a camera and capturing what's going on. Weddings are funny things really. A variety of different people coming together to celebrate the love of two people. They can be big affairs or intimate gatherings. They can be loud exclamations of love or a small glow of two people cherishing each other with the world shut out.

Most people getting married will want to hire a photographer to keep the memories safe for years to come and if you're getting married you'll want to know that the sky on your wedding day was blue and the grass was green. Wedding days go by quickly - blink and you miss it. That's why recording the events of the day is so important.

My style is simple. If the sky was blue, let it be blue in your photos. If the grass was green, let it be green in your photos. There are so many different photo editing styles made popular by Instagram and other apps. Sadly, what is popular today might not be in years to come. I try to ensure your photos are as close to reality as possible - timeless in style. What a camera see's is not always what you saw on the day, so my job is to bring out the colours through editing and ensure they are there to be seen and enjoyed. I want your photos to pop and stand out but not be some fashion piece that is here today and gone tomorrow.

How does that sound to you?

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