Some things you can't control

You imagine your forthcoming wedding day, the perfect guests, the perfect setting, the perfect food and of course the perfect weather. But here's a little secret,... you can't control the weather. There have been plenty of wet weddings I have been at, and there have been plenty of gorgeous sunny ones.

This is one of my all time favourite wedding photographs, taken down at the tidal pool at the Tunnels Beaches of the lovely Rebecca & Chloe. It could so easily have not happened. For one, the weather could have been atrocious, secondly the tide could have been in and thirdly the couple could have not been ready and prepared.

We were all amazed as we were treated to a full sunny day and I was prepared with tide times, sunset times and some wireless flash units to light the scene. Now, on a busy wedding day there is no point taking the couple away from their guests until absolutely necessary, so I kept an eye on the sky outside, making sure we left in good time but not too early.

At the right time we went down to the beach, knowing that the tide was in perfect position, the sky was lit up with brilliant shades of orange, yellow and red. We had a lot of fun in terms of going to different places for photographs. This photograph was the highlight for me as they are stood on the other side of the tidal pool with the sun setting behind them and their reflections are in the water below (the bird on top of the rock was a bonus!). The wireless flash units lit the scene and gave real emphasis to Rebecca and Chloe holding each other. It takes a lot of things lining up to get a photograph like this, but once it's taken then it is fixed as a moment in time and treasured forever.

Apart from enjoying the day and a beautiful sunset the highlight is afterwards when the album and photographs are presented. I now know that this photograph is up on their wall and enjoyed day after day. It doesn't get much better than that!

Cat Bus Thank You
Sunset at Tunnels Beaches